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Inotka | Green Aventurine Gua Sha



Detailed description:
  •  Bring Out Your Natural Beauty: Uncover the cover model in you with gua sha facial tool. By gently scraping along your skin’s surface, this scrapper promotes naturally occurring microcirculation - reducing signs of aging, releasing tension, and reenergizing your metabolism.
  •  A Skinfluencer's Secret Weapon: For that “I-just-had-a-makeover” look without the need for makeup, use our gua sha facial tool to relieve facial and jaw tension. Designed to improve circulation right below the skin. By acting as a detoxifying agent, our gua sha stone helps improve the appearance of breakouts!
  •  Ancient Wisdom For Modern Ailments: Beauty is just the beginning with gua sha. Practiced for thousands of years to help reduce inflammation, today gua sha is used for reducing inflammation.
  •  Let Your Inner Light Shine: When your beauty ritual combined with gua sha therapy, the stone is celebrated for cultivating compassion and releasing toxic energies and emotions. Once used by ancient Eastern monks to help balance Qi, gua sha is used today as a form of physical meditation and spiritual healing.
  •  Confidence Through Quality: Experience the benefits of our gua sha tools for yourself. If you are not delighted, our highly-trained team will assist you to find a solution. An instruction is included at the back of the box.