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Inotka - Luxe Rose Quartz Roller



Detailed description:
  • Use The Best To Look Your Best: Turn heads on the street and stop thumbs on the gram with our new, upgraded rose quartz face roller and gua sha, made with hand-picked and meticulously certified rose quartz and an expertly welded frame to ensure you get that picture perfect look you deserve.
  • What Is Her Secret: Get a movie star glow (without the paparazzi) by using our massage roller and gua sha to eliminate puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. Apply it every morning to kick-start circulation and remove toxins, ensuring a fresh-faced, slept like a baby look that lasts all day. Then, use it as a pre-bed, wind down ritual to alleviate stress and anxiety, giving a whole new meaning to getting your beauty rest.
  • Bring Out Your Natural Beauty: Uncover the cover model in you with roller gua sha, the traditional revitalization technique that beautifies your skin and balances your spirit. By gently scraping along your skin’s surface with gua sha, this traditional Eastern practice promotes naturally occurring microcirculation - reducing signs of aging, releasing pain and tension, and reenergizing your metabolism.
  • Let Your Inner Light Shine: For a true beauty that radiates from within, those who know have always relied on the power of rose quartz crystal. When combined with gua sha therapy, rose quartz is celebrated for cultivating compassion and releasing toxic energies and emotions. Once used by ancient Eastern doctors to help balance Qi, gua sha is used today as a form of physical meditation and spiritual healing.